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This New Weather Side-Project Has Already Picked up 25,000 Backlinks

24,400 Backlinks / 370 Referring Domains

Who knew that a new website about raining would be drowning in link juice?

Terrible opening sentences aside, the side project I’m about to share with you is almost like a weather version of which lets you know if a website is online or your internet is playing up.

IsItRaining.In let’s you – you guessed it – check any city to see if it’s currently raining in that area. Simply put a forward slash and type in a city name and you’ll get results for a particular area.

This very simple idea has already picked up 24,400 backlinks from 370 websites — many of which are linking to the the side-project sitewide.

It’s weird that the site didn’t seem to do well at all on social media but it’s only a few months old so there’s still time yet.

There isn’t much more to say about the site so let’s get into what it means for you.

What other opportunities are there to capitalise on a simple idea like this?

Some other angles that come to mind include:

  •[City name]
  •[City name]
  •[City name]

I’ve been doing a lot of IP location services recently and it would be nice to have a URL that’s memorable and be able to simply put the address on the end.

Other ideas could appeal to digital nomads who travel a lot and want a quick answer to their questions.

I could actually go on and on with this but I don’t want to make any competition for someone who might have a similar idea to me.

If you don’t have the skills to code up something like this yourself I understand (I probably couldn’t either). As I often say in these tool-style case studies, if you head on over to Upwork I would be surprised if any of these cost you more than a hundred (or few hundred) bucks to put together.

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