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This Developer Made His Website Only Work in Offline Mode

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Head on over to developer Chris Bolin’s website and you’ll see a warning you’ve never seen before: Go offline if you want to read the page.

On desktop you’ve advised to ‘Disconnect to continue’ while on phone you’re advised to ‘Put your device on airplane mode.’

If you do as Chris asks and turn off your internet connection, here’s what you’ll see:

It’s a two minute read on dealing with distractions in life and advising you to know when to switch off.

Perfectly fitting for what Chris asked you to do.

The problem with copying the idea is that it’s uniqueness is what has made it so special. It’s nothing I or many others have ever seen before — if there was someone who did it before Chris.

If you’re in an industry where you’re more personal with your audience (think copywriting not construction) then it’s certainly something you could try with your next piece.

If you have access to a developer or know your own way around Github, Chris put all of the code for doing the same up on the service, for free.

The idea lends itself as a natural fit for personal development, meditation or minimalist bloggers, but see if there’s a creative way you could implement it in other fields as well.

For example, if I made a page designed for marketers that only worked in offline mode, I would put together a message that says something along the lines of,

While we’re becoming increasingly connected to our devices – and each other through them – remember that your site visitors today will only give you a fleeting glance before moving on to their next web property. Think about what can make your products and services so remarkable that people can’t help but think about coming back.

I thought that wasn’t too bad for two minutes of thinking about it 😉

If you create anything with this idea, then I would love to see it!

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