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Editorial Standards

Updated November 20th, 2023 by Glen Allsopp +552 this month

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1. If we find a company clearly breaking Google’s guidelines in any way, we will not be the first to report it, unless the company has somewhere admitted this themselves. We’re not the Google police.

2. If we provide affiliate links, of which are there currently none on the site, we will make sure there’s a clear message of that on the page.

3. There may be times where small design elements are inaccurate for placeholder purposes, but we’ll make every effort to automate and factualise these. For instance, Glen’s Twitter account gains hundreds of new followers each month. We currently have a static number which represents this which has to be updated manually.

4. The date you see associated with an article will always be based on a page actually being updated in some way.

5. Particularly in regards to our quarterly reports, our aim is never to share anything private that we think the brand in question would hate being shared.

6. If something has already been made public by a brand in question (such as a tweet, podcast, earnings call, or similar) then it is fair to report on. Otherwise, we don’t reveal anything private that could be harmful.

7. We try to avoid commenting on when a website may have lost traffic. Third-party reports are never 100% accurate, and it’s possible we may hurt the stock price of a company, cause employees to fear for their jobs or sow doubt in the business in some other way which is never our intention.

8. If it makes sense and is relevant to give example keyphrases a website is ranking for, we must limit it as much as possible. Up to 10, maximum, is a fair boundary.

9. If we talk about a website as a great example doing well covering a specific topic, such as a successful forum, or wiki site, we can talk about some terms they’re ranking for or share their traffic graph from a third-party, but not both.

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