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Finally, an SEO extension built for full-time SEOs

Get detailed SEO insights at the click of a button.

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Built by SEOs, for SEOs. Free forever.

No upsells. No tracking. Just fast, SEO insights.
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Get page-level insights in milliseconds

No need to pour over the source code of a page. Get key elements presented to you at the click of a button (oh, and we check for X-Robots HTTP headers as well).

completely original
See all heading tags at a glance

Not only are they indented to show structure, but font sizes change as well. Seeing if you're under or over-optimised - to the point of being unnnatural - has never been easier.

the best seo software

Your Right > Click menu, supercharged for speed

Open your current page (or site) in Ahrefs, Moz, Majestic,, SimiarlWeb, SEMRush and more. We'll save you seconds - dozens or hundreds of times per day - which quickly adds up.

our newest addition
View structured data markup (schema) for the page you're on

View the schema markup for any page that uses it, without having to go directly to any kind of testing tool.

A New Perspective

Find Duplicates of Highlighted Text on the Web

Is anyone copying your content? Did a copywriter liberally take content from elsewhere? Do you have too many pages with the same paragraphs? This will help you see, fast.


And so much more...

  • Quick link to the robots.txt file on any site.

  • Quick link to the sitemap.xml file on any site.

  • Export all image URLs on a page as a .csv file

  • Export all links on a page - with their anchor text - as a .csv file.

  • Quickly highlight nofollow links on any page (on right click or via menu).

  • Two clicks to perform an inurl: Google search for the current page


Credit where it's due, the Detailed SEO Extension was greatly inspired by the SEO Meta extension. We've used it on-screen in over 1,000 videos and have told countless people to use it.

We had a number of features we desperately needed (such as the X-Robots HTTP check and seeing if canonicals and URLs matched), but never heard back from the owners. We decided to improve upon it ourselves with those features and more, though the original is still great.

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Join 100,000+ avg. weekly users

Zero tracking. Zero upsells. Free for life.

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We now have a supercharged SEO extension for Chrome & Firefox that's 100% free and always will be. Join 100,000+ active weekly users doing SEO faster.
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