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Happy Monday! Let’s connect…

Thank you for being here

If you would like to contact Glen directly, please email [email protected]

If you want to follow what I’m up to, my Twitter profile is pretty active.

Note #1: If you are looking for support for SEO Blueprint, please instead email [email protected] You will get a much quicker reply than emailing me personally.

Note #2: If you are looking to get your blog listed on one of our top blogs pages, please scroll to the bottom of the relevant category. You’ll find a submission form there.

There was a contact form here originally but it gets completely abused, so I’m keeping things manual.

Apologies for the hassle.

Frequently Asked Questions*

*I may have wrote some of these in anticipation of people asking them. Please don’t tell anyone.

What’s the deal with the little purple alien?

I wrote about that on our ‘Behind the Scenes’ blog, here.

Do you offer any kind of coaching?

I am all-in on SEO Blueprint. I want to make it the best SEO course and training on the planet. I’ve answered hundreds of comments (there are 2,000+ inside) and our /gold/ page gives you an idea of the insights inside our Facebook group alone.

Is Detailed still actively updated?

Yes, we just went live with a total redesign in December of 2022. I’m actively updating our newsletter and it also got a massive overhaul in Q4, 2022. We’ve already went live with lots of new articles in 2023.

Where can I learn more about your story?

I am working on a brand new ‘About’ page now that the above mentioned redesign is done, but here’s an older version for now.

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