Google Algorithm Update: May 2022 (Did Your Rankings Drop?)

Last Updated: June 22nd, 2022

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Over the past year I’ve made a lot of updates to this page.

Every time Google release a broad, core update, I share the tweets involved and some of the results and ranking changes that people are public about seeing.

And every time I get some emails that are painful to read at times, due to how certain businesses are being affected by updates.

Still, for every loser there’s a winner, and often opportunities to improve what you’re doing (in certain cases) to improve your results.

Not necessarily things you should change as a result of an algorithm update, but to see algorithm updates as an opportunity to look at whether your site makes it easy for search engines to see what it’s about, amongst other things.

First of all, here’s Google’s announcement of the January 2020 Core Update which is currently rolling out:

If you’ve been affected, there a few things you can look into.

Keep in mind that these suggestions aren’t algorithm update specific, but moreso best practices to keep in mind when looking at your site as a whole.

First of all, do you have any messages in Google Search Console?

If you haven’t set-up Google Search Console for your website yet, that’s what I would do immediately after reading this page.

If you have any kind of penalty against your site, you’ll see a message in here letting you know about it.

It’s honestly very unlikely that you have any warnings, even if your website has lost a lot of search traffic, but it’s worth ruling out to be safe.

Do ‘new elements’ appear in search results for your target terms?

It may be the case that Google haven’t “devalued” your site, but simply have introduced new elements in search results that have either pushed your rankings down, and / or they’ve resulted in you getting fewer clicks.

Things that might now appear in search results for your top keyphrases include:

  • Featured snippets
  • Video carousels
  • People Also Ask boxes

There might be a more logical explanation to some of your traffic losses, especially if just a few key pages made up the majority of your overall search traffic.

Did you recently make major on-site changes?

Though it’s not that common, I have looked at some websites that make major changes – whether moving from non-secure to secure, or updating internal linking – around the same time as a core algorithm update.

Is it possible you did something similar?

Though rare, make sure you haven’t accidentally made your website uncrawlable, or removed key navigational links that point to pages you’re looking to rank.

Are you the best result for a user?

I really don’t mean to be insulting, but it’s a genuine question.

Quite a few people who email me for help have admitted they probably aren’t the best result for a user, but still expect to be in the top three results of Google for their target term.

I certainly don’t get to decide who ranks where, of course, but if you can’t honestly say that you’re the best result for a specific query, then that probably goes a long way to why your top pages aren’t ranking where you want them to be.

Please note that this article is a work in progress, and we’re constantly updating our advice.

If you would like me to take a look at your website, please send an email to [email protected] Though I can’t promise my current availability, I’ll try and recommend someone who is available.

June 24, 2022
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      1. Great information…Google is more and more saying they want big brands at the top of SERP’s. If your in the Health Niche, they want Doctors writing blogs with the Doctors Bio’s in the footers…I think people also need to have Google Partners SEO agency’s working on your site SEO… That’s what I had to do with… Site owners have to build a brand with signals coming from numerous social and web entities…In the Health Niche- is going to be the only site at the top of Google.

  1. My website where it was sitting at 1st and 2nd places for all main keywords now going to the hell. Ranking dropped. Don’t know what to do 🙁

    1. Gayan, work on your site authority more than anything else. Do you notice that now Google shows some crap results from these keywords, but these crap results are from high authority sites?

  2. Hi Glen,
    Thank you so much for the article. I had been really scratching my head since last 1 week to get to the core of the issue behind our ranking drops. Seems, that this explains. Our site lost its rankings for major keywords, and traffic went down by 40%. I had also sent you an email. I would highly appreciate if you can take a look and provide some insight on how to fix things. We were using Ezoic ads on the site, and that made most of the site heavy.

    Looking forward to getting your reply on my mail soon.

  3. Hi my site SERP decreased from 1st position to 12 position for many keywords. Can you please check it. This happen due to latest Google update my site is Isportsleague

    1. You didn’t make the link clickable so please do send us an email. We’re finding a lot of commonalities in sites that have lost traffic 🙂

  4. Seems like I improved on long tail keywords. Our main keywords: kids party entertainment, magicians near me, and birthday party magician have just dropped. Trying to figure out why.

  5. The most recent update is even more confusing. I have a few cases where a few websites with pretty much the same approach have suffered either a loss in traffic or a huge gain. Some of these websites were not as badly hit as this time in the previously announced Google algorithm updates but this time around things are different. I hope you will do a post of August updates too.

    1. It appears there’s a big correlation in the *type* of websites that have been hit. For example, health and finance sites appear to have been very negatively affected.

  6. Personally, we had improved KWs positions on some website and some drops on others. The interesting thing is that we used almost the same SEO strategy in many of them (of course, content and backlinks are different) which make me think that the update also treats different niches in different ways

  7. Hi Glen,
    Thank you for this information. In the last week our website ranking went down every day. Not much changed on the website. We are a small two man band business and had some “help” from SEO guys but paying them without results stops us doing business with them. No idea how to get the ranking back up. We do have Yoast plugin installed and fine tuned the website in the last year and that went okay till last week more or less. Funny thing is that non of them wanted a no cure no pay deal-;)

  8. Hey Glenn. My site is in the health and fitness affiliate niche and it was badly hit by this update. I was on page 2 but have tumbled down to page 6 now.

    I understand that google is focusing on EAT for sites in such niches.

    How do i start to improve on my EAT given that I have no credentials (degree, certification, etc)

    1. Hey Geoff,

      That’s one way to look at it. But if there are things you can do to improve rankings (and improve your site), then I think they’re worth doing 🙂

  9. My website where it was sitting at 1st and 2nd places for all main keywords now going to the hell. Ranking dropped. Don’t know what to do 🙁
    I thought it affected only health niche

  10. What do you do if you know when you know you really are the best search result for a user query but Google doesn’t even show you in the search results??
    I would understand if it would only show up in the first 50 search results but not showing it at all…..
    People have a problem and if offer a fast and easy solution but Google doesn’t want me to help people….beyond my understanding….

    1. This is the worst update from Google where the quality content has no meaning. The main remedy is to work on your site authority by whatever means possible, by getting good quality backlinks to your site.

  11. This update from Google is the most silly update I have ever seen for the following reasons.
    1) The quality of search results has dropped really bad. The first 10 results are being taken up by pages from a few high authority sites, regardless of whether the page has good content or not.

    2) Smaller sites that had much better content are wiped off. These were the sites that were mostly relying on generating their income through Google Ads etc. So now this means that Google Ads will also start seeing a dip very soon!

    So, on two counts, this is a very silly update.
    1) Degraded the user experience
    2) Going to hurt itself

  12. Hello,

    My blog is in android programming niche.
    Traditionally I am a developer and I am new to SEO field,

    Does programming niche satisfies EAT standards?
    By the way, my rankings are dropping and till now it has dropped by 40% overall.

    I am giving content on android programming on which I am expert, so I can say that my content has quite well quality. I am sure beginners are receiving much help from my blog posts.

    Currently, I am just giving content and backlinks. Should I keep doing these two things or should I think about other techniques?

    What do you suggest according to my niche?

    1. Hey Shehryar,

      We had to update this page and remove the link to our contact form as we are just totally overloaded. Google have also started to do a slight rollback it seems for a lot of sites so we want to see who gets their rankings back.

      We did say in the email we can’t promise a personal response, but we have looked into every site. Thanks for understanding 🙂

      1. Thank you for the response! My site is still not rolled back. However, I think I have found the reason in Marie’s blog on how we can rescue the site. The only thing I should be doing now is creating great articles/blogs/PR’s/ High-quality backlinks. Marie told me that very fewer people are talking about my site Wowbix and if we can work that out, we can get the rankings back. Thank You, Glen, I will still be very happy if you can review it for me.

  13. Google with this update really fu**ed up… Its time to take leader position to BING if nothing happens again.

  14. Hello,

    My website on consultant information related like a business directory.
    Traditionally I am a designer and I am new to SEO field,
    By the way, my rankings are dropping and till now it has dropped by 60% overall.

    I am giving content on business consultant, small business consultant, advisor etc, so I can say that my content is quality content. I am sure startup, small business owners are receiving much help from my website & blog posts.

    Currently, I am putting content on the website blog and other web2.0 sites to create backlinks. Should I keep doing these two things or should I think about other techniques?

    What do you suggest according to my niche?

  15. hi, My website was new (about 4-5 months) I was able to get ranks till 2nd and 3rd page.
    But suddenly in august firs week – it started disappearing from google, sometimes it come to 4th – 5th page and some times dont show it.
    Even when i click on google cache – its says its not cached and gives me 404 error.
    I took good content and very good quality of guest blogging too and able to reach 200 good back links in 4 months.

    I am not able to understand the cause behind it which made my website disappear. Can I contact you for more help into this.

  16. We sell helth products like humidifier and electrical blancket and these sort of lots of our keywords we were in the top four or three.
    But after the google update. We fell down.and in that priod,we had a redesign.and now we are completely disepered.
    We have rigisterd our site as health concept.has it caused us this problem.
    Because our content isn,t good enough as acadamic contents.because it is only a shop.
    Thank you so much.

  17. I’d be interested on some feedback on my site. I’ve seen drops in many keywords since the update, some recovery and dips since. Is the rollback ongoing? The quality of sites now ranking high is dubious.

  18. My website many keywords drop and lost every day, and our website impression drop 50% after Aug.10.
    we changed web serve Aug.9 and change some image to small image+words at Aug.10

    Then bad things.
    keywords drop no end…

    Can you give me an professional advice?

  19. Thanks for putting together this information, I like the slant that you put on this story, it’s one of the better perspectives that I have seen so far! Have you seen any new traffic trends since the initial story?

  20. Hey Glen,
    I lost my main keywords which ranked in top ten, can you please help me how to recover my keywords as its previous position?

    I am having the same issue when I try to “Fetch as Google” I get this error “Temporarily unreachable(404. That’s an error.)” but when I try to fetch any inner page I get normal response “Complete”. Kindly help me out to solve this problem. My homepage is still uncached and still, I have no idea to bring back out of this problem. My username has my website URL kindly check it why it’s still not cached.
    Thanks in advance.

  22. I have been operating websites for over 13 years in one way or another, but found this year to be the most yo yo year in respect to organic site rankings. Many of my sites are on page 1 & 2 google, but this year it has been very noticeable that sites are one day on page 1 google, then I blink and they are now on page 4 or 5. In time these have all bounced back to their high positions, but its frustrating with the constant drastic movements.

  23. One of my sites got hit on recent August algo update by Google. Interesting fact is that; I didn’t do anything. I didn’t publish any articles, didn’t get any new link or nothing.

    I got hit.

    Its pretty weird what Google doing these days. :/

  24. Hi Glen, since 1st week of August my Site rank has dropped significantly some from 1st page to 2nd and 8th page. Tried disavowing some toxic links but till now it’s still losing it’s rank day by day. Please help me have a look on the site attached on my name

  25. Our website has been devastated with the most recent Google Aug ’18 update. We are a retail collectible site and have consistently dominated search rankings since we’ve been online in 2001. That is all organic with no see tricks. Our site us huge ( several thousand pages) with massive quality content and tons of links to our content. Through the last 17 years of algorithm changes, we never were affected. Now, our traffic is down at least 50% and plunging further. We’ve gone from page 1 to several pages deep in nearly all formerly top rank keywords.

    The most frustrating thing is sites are ranking above us that are WITHOUT an SSL, NOT mobile friendly, new sites, and pathetic content. Our website supports many families so the drop is truly crushing our way to make livings. Can anyone help? The domain is in my email.

  26. Remember why Google is where it is now?

    That is because they have an improved algorithm that calculates search results.

    Google will never use Facebook data. We talk about social shares when we talk about Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Tumblr. Unless Google buys Tumblr and starts integrating that data,

    Now obviously, it is still an algorithm. It can make mistakes and it can be gamed once you know what it is and which parts to input, bits to avoid and accept. Google will not be having any interdependence on social platforms like Twitter, or Tumblr, they are not going to run.

    Links are going to change. So the way you would in 2018, it might take even longer. But with the introduction of AI and how Google wants to evolve in the future. Essentially, their goal is to have the algorithm only. Eventually not having to employ thousands of staff that need to keep an eye on the algorithm and hand out manual penalties. If they can automate that, then they are gonna save millions and millions. As a result, they are gonna increase profitability.

  27. Even my sites have been steadily losing traffic since the last 1 month, glad that I came across your post. Perhaps, I shouldn’t do anything drastic to the site and wait for this thing to settle down.

    1. You are welcome to email me, Somchai 🙂

      If I can’t help I will pass you on to someone who hopefully can.

  28. Hi I can see that you are taking no more submissions but it doesnt hurt to ask. We have been knocked around this year and are a florist – i see sites above us now and other local florists that are coming from articles that take up x2 of the serps for local florists and it is very frustrating, as thats 2 florists who rely on google for income that are knocked out of the front page.
    If you have any feedback it would be appreciated as always keen to learn thank you.
    Kind regards Jo

  29. Hi Glenn,
    On September 25th my website ranking for some keyword has dropped from number 2 and 3 to number 8 and 10 for some. I have sent an email , if you can identify what has caused this issue will help me to recover.

  30. I just hate it when SEO’s say that bloggers/website owners should “build links to their site.” So please tell me how I can convince all the big guns to put a link to my site on THEIR main page.

    And registering with various forums and making a “presence” there so I can then put my site’s URL for my signature? Come on, that might get me 32 extra visits a month — after I’ve registered with 10 different online community forums.

    1. How would someone convince you to talk about them, Kristtyne?

      I guess because they create something that solves a problem / is remarkable / is so good you had to share it?

      The answer is boring, but that’s how you’ll have to do the same.

  31. I am a blogger and i know what google want, i always follow the google guideline
    In-spite of this, my website ranking has dropped little bit, but i will recover it soon..

  32. Hey Glen,
    just found your great page. My rankings dropped since end of August. Haven’t got a clue why. Can you please check?
    Greetings from Germany:-)
    (website is attached to my name)

    1. I’m not entirely sure what you mean I’m afraid. You mean links that you don’t want to have pointing to your site?

  33. Hi all.. I got the same problem with you, traffic down. But some of my website get recovered easy. I just redirect 301 to another domain and get recovered in weeks, in this case I have 3 domain for one site. Once a domain got troubled in SERP, I redirected to the second domain, when it happened again, I redirected to the third. If the third domain got the same problem, I redirected back to the first, I did this almost in every month. The result is great index and get various rank with those domains and the traffic still good from them. Make sure you redirect all of these domains using different hosting with different IP. This is works to me.

  34. My site (health niche) is getting murdered in SERPS prior to Aug 1 doing well. 25k traffic 14k keywords now…lucky to hit 9k traffic from 2k keywords.

  35. A lot has been changed in the past 2 months. One of my main keywords have lost its position from page 1 to page 11 while other keywords are just ranking at page 1, 2. Don’t know what is happening.

  36. I’m starting to think Google hates EMD’s like us. Ha.
    ( )
    Any advice on what we can do to get back on top? We were in the top 10 now not even in the top 100. Any help is greatly appreciated. Contact us through our website. Thanks

    1. That’s a shame, as it’s a great domain, but your website appears to be very thin on content. I would start there.

  37. My website traffic is down by 80% after the October 2018, Core update. I searched on google for the latest update but i didn’t get the actual answer. I have change my some of page but it doesn’t work.
    Before update i was ranking on 150+ Keywords on Google first page.

  38. No matter how good you follow google quality guideline, trust me it won’t works any longer. I believe the 16 giant internet corporation has bought google rank. You can research by yourself in any keyword or any niche, the top SERP will always belong to these corporations, they have every niche with various domain. This is not fair to us but this is happening, and this is why google so secretive to his algo’s. Overall this is only a big business to them, I can see how many blog or web with superb quality content still drop while the spammy get ranked better.

    The AI algo just an illusion, this was started last year in a big match called FRED UPDATE that outranked so many web and blog to the trash. I am sure 100% this is the beginning, google will collapse in next 5 years.

  39. My blog rankings also down.. when I checked webmaster, i found 108+ hatom errors. Its due to it??
    I fixed it, how many days does google take to confirm it sir??

  40. Strange that Amazon, Ebay and Gumtree are now occupying a range of our niche keyword, not only that, Google is now selling four ad positions at the top, plus the Google shopping row and are therefore only displaying 6 non paying sites. Google the keyword ‘hoverboard’ in the UK. One of my sites is

  41. Can I ask if anyone noticed a significant drop in their website search results on 27 October 2018? A few of my sites saw a drop on this day. One such site is The traffic on this one seems to recover the following day but other sites of mine haven’t. One site saw no difference. Thank you for your content and article by the way.

  42. We were ranking for various keywords in our niche in top 10 but now the search results are down for almost every keyword. Look forward to more news from you. This is somewhat frustrating.

  43. Most of our clients loose their position by 40%. We also noticed some spammy sites increase their position400%. How it is possible ?Also we observed Question answer sites like Quora are in top positions for most of the keywords. Does Google preferred QA sites rather than genuine websites?

  44. My blog traffic constantly dropping since August, is there any bigger algorithm update happened …
    Kindly suggest some tips to recover dropped traffic.

  45. Hello,
    Very Nice article. Google continuously updating their algorithm and because of this most of sites loosing their ranking in search results. I also loose rankings on few of my websites because of Google Algorithm update.
    Regards, Shubham

  46. Hi, Glen Allsopp My website,s traffic also Goes Down Up to 90 Percent I don’t Know what Todo My All Keywords Which Are On Top On First Number Goes To 6th Page or Lost All My Keyword Which are on number 3 Or 4 Also Goes To 69 And 79 My traffic Decrease Up to 90 Percent Can You Please Check My Website Its And My Gmail Is [email protected]
    Please Check My website And Send Me some Helpful Answers Why It drops Down Like This.

    1. I think it’s the niche you’re in.

      It’s incredibly volatile I’m sure based on the kind of things you promote.

      Sorry but I can really only help more stable businesses. I wouldn’t expect to build a business of the back of just game download files.

      Build a brand. Get some real content in there. And then look who is currently ranking.

      Do they have more links than you?

      More authority?

      Better on-site SEO?

      Have they built a brand?

  47. Hay .. , The search results on Google was totally different since August 2018.. There are so many articles on my blog becomes bad position on Google ,, i hate this update .. i am from Indonesia

  48. Hi Glen I have e mailed you the website link. Its a healthcare website and it has seen a sharp decline in the ranking post new algorithm. Please suggest.

  49. Hi

    I came to the office and I saw a sudden drop in my website’s traffic. From 2nd page to 6th page.. It was there yesterday night and now it’s gone. What can be the issue here? Did google release some new update?

  50. The question is, after the update algorithm is complete, will everything return to normal? or is there a special way to restore everything to normal? And how about indexing and crawling status? Will everything is normal?

  51. Dropped about 35%, and more like 45% on a second site. Have you seen any correlation related to low traffic websites being generally downgraded? I wonder if solo entrepreneur types are targeted generally. Would love your feedback!

  52. Thanks for sharing on google Algo update…
    I am a blogger and always follow the google webmaster guide line despite this, my site ranking has dropped after google new update.. Nobody know what exactly google want.

  53. Hi, I read your blog and also check comments, I think you are a valuable guy.

    So I would like to get some impact on my site. I sent you information to contact us page.

  54. Hi Glen,

    I have just loosing traffic from my best quality keywords. Please let me know how to improve it. I have sent you a mail also regarding this. Kindly have a look and replay with a solution.

  55. Hi Glen,
    I lost my ranking in the last 4-5 months from top keywords and consequently dropped the traffic by 80% in the main season of my small business. Help me please. I will be very grateful to you. I have also e-mailed the detail.

  56. Hi Glen,

    Since August 1 algorithm update, my blog organic traffic has been dropping. I’ve lost over 80% traffic already. Kindly look into my site and every suggestion/recommendation would be appreciated.

  57. Hi Glen,

    I’ve stumbled upon your article while looking for help, because my fitness and nutrition blog has lost 60% (if not more) since September the 27th.

    As I enjoyed reading the information in your post, I’ve sent an email to you as recommended. I hope I’ll hear from you soon!

    Have a good day,

  58. Hi Glen,
    Was searching from Ranking Drop after Google algorithm update and found your Article,
    We have Faced the same issue since November 26. Our Traffic Dropped almost 90+% on Since 26 November. Not Sure what was the Issue,
    I Have Sent You an Email as Well.


  59. Hi Glenn,
    I cant agree more, updates for google algorithm affected lots of small business industries.
    Indeed, some medical organisations’s websites we manage were affected and saw their rankings drop very quickly. This is simply an observation we saw in our agency.
    The medical field was one of the most affected after recent updates..

    From Al Safran Design
    ( a web design company in saudi arabia

    Keep up the Great work admin !

  60. I have lost my ranking a few days ago and I got some beneficial algorithm resources from this bog and I have fixed this and I got my ranking. thanks, for this great idea

  61. Google algorithm update knowledge is really important for SEO. I have got more problem about this issue for my website and I have fixed this and got ranking on the Google 1st page. thanks for this good resources.

  62. Well, I dont know what happened to my website which had a drop of 75% suddenly in a day.

    I have sent an email to Glen( which eventually is also a brand I sell :P). Hope to fix it with his help.

  63. Hello Glen,

    I have read your article about the traffic drop, I am facing a similar issue on my website after 10 December 2018. I don’t what’s going wrong and I did not change anything on the website. My site

    Please help and give suggestion how I can check issue.

    Thank you

  64. Hi my site SERP decreased from 1st position to 10 position for many top ranking keywords. Can you please check it. Suddenly down rank main keywords on desktop & mobile…
    Please guide me about new updates

  65. Saw a huge drop in all my rankings on 1 specific page. Went back to the drawing board and updated my on page SEO. Within 24 hours saw almost a full recovery. I am thinking I may have been a bit over optimized.

  66. Hey… nice write up… It’s awesome
    Recently, my site was ranking for 20 high volume keywords on top 10. But in December and January, I lost almost all my rankings from the first page to 3rd or 4th page.

    I am curious to know: –

    how much it will take to recover. Or would I even get my ranking back?

    Please give me some insights… I never tried black hat SEO, I create quality content.

  67. Even My website traffic dropped tremendously by 70%. Since October I don’t know what happened to my site and rankings were goes down for many keywords, now I understand why it was happening. Nice blog to follow in this time. Thanks a lot.

  68. Hi Glen,

    I am seeing some drops as of date. Can you take a look at our website? Also, will try to email you, seems you aren’t responding lately, hope your plate isn’t the full. 🙂

  69. hey, my rankings show really crazy good, some in the top 5 where i was 20+ before, do you think there will be a rollback? don’t hope so, haha. looks like the last month of work were good…

  70. Hey Glen,
    Thanks for sharing this case. You’re talking about something important to me, the disavowing tool.
    My site is ranking good local (in my country) but I’ve noted that a couple of months ago lots of spammy links appeared in my Search Console linking to some pages. They are like russian and chinese ecommerce websites without links to my website but they are showing on Search Console, don’t know why.
    Anyways, my website had a 21 Moz DA and today I checked it and it has only 2. Do you think that’s because of the spammy sites that are linking me? Is that a sign that in the future my rankings can drop on Google?
    And the last question, do you think I should disavow them? I read that Google now doesn’t care about spammy links, the don’t add any value.
    Thanks for your time

  71. Great post. I recently saw one of my sites start to drop after the beginning of the month, so I need to go back to the drawing board and see what might have happened since its after the assumed algo update. No manual penalties in GSC, so that’s a good sign for now.

  72. I am curious to know: –

    how much it will take to recover. Or would I even get my ranking back?

    Please give me some insights… I never tried black hat SEO, I create quality content.

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  73. Thanks for sharing on google Algo update…
    I am a blogger and always follow the google webmaster guide line despite this, my site ranking has dropped after google new update.. Nobody know what exactly google want.

  74. Hi Glen,

    I have just loosing traffic from my best quality keywords. Please let me know how to improve it. I have sent you a mail also regarding this. Kindly have a look and reply with a solution.

  75. I am a digital marketing expert and follow the google guideline to save my site for google Update.. But despite this , my blog ranking has dropped little bit, I have started work on my blog to recover the ranking….

  76. Thanks for your sharing . In depth articles have disappeared from first page.. We can see thin contents ranking… In my niche I can see contents that has copied my site out ranking me after this update… In fact I can see pinterest and Facebook page ranking now for my niche thats bizarre..

  77. I am still curious to know about the trend usually follow when releasing those updates. I am still afraid and not sure about the criteria they follow ultimately. I see billion of websites with thin content dominating the Search Engine results

  78. Just before March, my website just started cherishing (shortly lived) happy upraise in organic traffic. Since mid March, for some reason (as I wasn’t aware of the update at the time) the positioning/ranking for my top keywords significantly dropped. Been waiting for recovery, although there was some but nothing that comes close and relevant to the time period before the update. One thing I’m noticing is that where I was ranking on first page, now the positions (top) are taken by sleek corporate websites such as splento (a website with relatively young domain and huge chunk of spamy back-links, I have checked them out). In my view, be examining what and who is performing better, this update was very like about site performance (releated to design/performance) and perhaps niches …….. even my, latest good one, blog articles are not scoring as good as before

  79. Hey Glen,
    Our healthcare websites are not crawled / index after 5 march and 29 march, Can you help me how to index those websites. please give me a solution . I mail you on [email protected]
    please check.

  80. Thank For your update,

    But my site reach and clicks on search console goes suddenly downward. i check every way is there any issue occur in SEO. but no any error found.

    please tell how could it happened in just one Month.

  81. Hi, Glen

    My blog is just a low-level blog, and I don’t know if it’s worth checking it out. But would you like to check it out because I want to know why my blog has dropped in number in the 2018 update, but rose in this 2019 update.

    Well, I’m not an SEO expert, so I need the help of someone who is an expert, like you, to explain to me.


  82. Thanks for sharing about the google update..
    I am a blogger and update the blog on regular interval, believe only to create the quality back link. Despite this, site ranking is dropped when google release update.

  83. This update really heart my website ranking. Anyway I have read your blog and lots of confusion has been cleared by reading your blog. Thanks for sharing such kind of blog.

  84. Lots of changes these days… One thing I noticed at the time of gogole index issues and pageing algo change is that many of subcategories on directories got deindexed – and categories with pageing also drop out of the index.

  85. last month my adsense get banned. i try redirect 301 to new domain. after redirect ny traffic up until 5k-7k uv/day.
    but last night traffic down only 100 u v/day.

  86. Hey Glen. Thanks for keeping this article updated. I shot you an email. Hoping you have time to check it out and get back to me. Appreciate it.

  87. I didn’t notice a thing in my niche. My seemingly unimportant niche.

    I think they announced it because “important” people were involved. I had major traffic shifts in the last few updates. The ones that went unannounced.

  88. I find it absurd that we have to change stuff and be careful not to upset Google while Google favors their Ad paying clients on SERPs clearly affecting people that offer real good content and with no money to invest in SEO.

  89. Thanks for the info. I did find some errors on my Google Search Console. My traffic has dropped by 75% since the end of September. I was getting decent Adsense the past two months but that has dropped to pennies. Hoping I can recover that traffic. Thanks again.

  90. I think there were some instances reported of traffic loss, but the overall idea in many online discussions is a mix of recoveries and mild wins and losses, nothing drastic as in previous updates.

  91. Yes, some of the site traffic drops after the September core update. Today morning I found one news from Digital Marketing Limited that cleaning up our link profile will not help us to recover from a core update so we have to be careful before doing anything for the site.

  92. one of my website traffic dropped 70% on the google update upon auditing i found some shady sitewide links so after removing them site was again back the traffic of 40% only i don’t know why complete traffic does not recovered!

  93. I think we should give Google a couple of more days to see if our rankings are returning. Today (11/13) I witnessed an elevator drops of many of my keywords in the morning at about 10 am. Then I checked again at 1:25 pm, I saw some losses were returning – not to the exact top 10 positions but bounced by from #59 to #12. Within a few hours, the positions had changed. I experienced the same happening in the last 30 days when Google made some lower-level earthquakes. Today’s is a really big earthquake. I’m crossing my fingers.

  94. I literally don’t understand that how a website with all the best/genuine SEO practices (sitting on 1st position for last 4 years) can suddenly be invaluable for Google/users? they have wiped me off, ranking has dropped 100% (1st position to 4-5 page) in last 5 days….. and the sad part is that the sites coming in ranking now are of very poor quality with a lots of spammy back link profile and thin content….

    It’s hurts and hurts very badly to see these garbage sites sitting on top…….

  95. I wish I had SE traffic to worry about losing! Soon I hope, just started reworking a site for my friend that had no SE work for 8 years. AT least it has a bit of history.

  96. Seems it has hitting my site. I have ranked locally for several years very well for my most searched keyword. I would float between 1 and 2. Within the last 48 hours I have dropped all the way down to #17 🙁

  97. Thank you for sharing about Googles latest core update, my stats dropped around November 2019, same thing happened last year, it starts adding up after this drop. I know I made some changes, but I think I did it all in the correct way, i guess I am not the best result on all topics covered on my website. I am redefining my niche to find a better audience.

    Always good to read other comments as well. Makes you feel less lonely in the jungle ….😂

  98. Another affected with 20% less traffic from Spain. Apparently I didn’t make any changes. Good article, we hope to hear from Google with this update. Regards.

  99. My traffic also got hit more than 40%. The strange thing is the rankings on my major keywords are not effected by much. I’ve only gone down like 2-4 spots on each. But still My overall traffic losses are huge. It’s the long-tail keywords I was ranking for that have been demoted or aren’t even showing at all.

  100. Hello Glen !

    Thank you for your article. My website was on the first page before the update. Since then it is on the second page… Last week I noticed it was back on the first page with a higher ranking than the pre update. Two days later, it is back to the second page. Can you help me understand what is going on? Also, a competitor has attacked my Google my business listing and continuously makes false edits to have my account suspended. My listing has been removed while Google investigates. Could this be the problem. Could you give any advice on this matter as well? Desperate 🙁

  101. January Core Update is already messing up with traffic of one of my websites. It had 2M visits in a month, now it’s down to 500k. I am not sure what Google is upto…

  102. Hey Glen ,

    Google does not reveal exactly what they are doing, the thing I have noticed is that ranking down the authority blogs and ranking up the pbn blogs.
    I am having both pbn and real blogs but the crazy thing is that Google made 80% of my pbn blogs up and getting traffic while the one where I was writing with huge writers are made down.

  103. Good article, thanks. Weirdly for me, we were listing no. 1 for a certain keyword for a long, long time. We have had more of a focus lately. For a while now we have had the featured snippet result and the organic search result, but all of a sudden our listing dropped for the organic search result. It doesn’t make much sense to me.

  104. I used to rank so well, but the recent update has dropped my pages and new posts don’t rank high anymore. After reading this article, I realized that some of the problem are things I overlooked and thought they are irrelevant since I’m ranking (like warnings on search console). I will try to fix every place a warning is given and see how it improves the overall health of the site. Thanks

  105. The same thing happens to one of my websites. No Webmaster tools error, No warning from Google, No Major updates within my website, No bad links. Just lost 50% plus traffic within overnight.

  106. I have sent you an email. Any help you can render as regard taking a look at the site for me. I really need your recommendations as to know what to do so that Google will rank my site for its keywords. I also need sites to get profile Backlinks from. This would be very appreciated.

  107. I am a blogger and i know what google want, i always follow the google guideline
    In-spite of this, my website ranking has dropped little bit, but i will recover it soon..

  108. Can we quickly get off the topic of SEO and address the big elephant in the room, which is the relevancy of search results within Google search? They are Terrible! if we go back in time about 8 months ago, Google search results used to be relevant and My average search time would take probably about 15 seconds to find exactly what I was looking for. Now, If I don’t give up entirely, it probably takes me about 15 minutes to find what I’m looking for. That’s sum of 10x longer! I do a lor of in-depth research on Science, technology, health, politics and other topics and I receive about 10% relevancy now. Luckily, my SEO results have stayed the same. But what I am mentioning cannot be good for other’s SEO!….Since you know, I’ve not even SEEING your website in Any results…What’s with these very odd and not helpful management decisions at Google? If the grammar or punctuation in my comment is a little messed up, You can also blame Google for the new crazy experiments. They are doing with speech to text. (See what I mean?)

  109. I don’t know what happen with google for updating this algos, but after this major update, i get more organic traffic for my original article 😀

    But, thanks for giving me know.

  110. Love the article but feel as thou i’m in a losing battle with Google. The site is dropping in rankings for EXACT long tail keywords and ridiculously unrelevant searches are appearing above our EXACT phrases. Very strange things going on at the moment!

  111. Thanks for this update,
    I have written 9,000 words articles for my website. My 4,000 words article is running on 1st page of google ranking but the 9,000 words article is jumping from 2nd page to 4th page and also jumping back to the 2nd page. I’m also editing & adding some words on my 9,000 words blog. Is this jump happening because of too much words or too much editing??

    Thanks once again for this informative post

    1. You don’t need to change names when you leave comments. They go through approval 😉

      Glad to hear things are going well for you!

  112. Hey Glen, thanks for helping everyone out! I just sent you an email to see if you can take a look at my website and why it’s losing ranking. thanks!

  113. I was rocking and rolling, business booming, I couldn’t keep up.. The two weeks ago.. everything stopped.. I read your post on the Google Algorithm 2020 but I really do not know what I need to do to fix this problem. Glen can you help me?

  114. Thank you so much for the post it is very helpful, Keep posting such type of articles. I’ve lost my ranking and also traffic please help me your guideline, it would be very grateful.

  115. Hi Glen,

    Thanks for sharing this. My site dropped in ranking greatly. My main keyword that I do rank in position 1-5 on First page is now on the 7-10 on second page.

    I have already sent an email and would greatly appreciate your efforts in helping others

  116. There’s yet Another great Article ! What an ideal site to check all the google algorithm updates. SEO is completely dependent on this and thank you for curating this content and one stop solution for all seo experts. Keep the content coming.

  117. Hard pill to swallow, but it seems that only the tough – and the ones willing to up their game, will win first page now. I’m ready – thanks for the heads up!

  118. Yes, my site drastically dropped in ranking, have Don all I could to get it back but everything seems invalid.

    With the help of this article I will put more effort. Thanks.

  119. Damn i was having over 200k ahrefs traffic at now down to 60k on 5th may 2020. Got little idea about what’s going on by reading your article. thanks a lot brother.

  120. I had lost some of my precious rankings after the latest core update of Google. Thanks for this valuable post.
    It helped me sort out my confusions. Keep posting amazing articles 🙂

  121. One of our competitor website is ranking for high competitive keyword like indian wedding saree and the website doesnt have high quality backlinks and the links are very few and low quality. is google only looking at user metrics like bounce rate , dwell time and not backlinks

  122. Good article on these scary google updates, I hope I will recover this recent medic update which badly hit my 30% of my traffic. I am not making any changes soon, as I wish to see how it goes in a month. Btw thanks Glen, for your help to others.

  123. Thank you so much for the blog it is very helpful, Keep posting such type of great post. I’ve lost my ranking and also traffic before 3 month. Please help me your guideline, it would be very thankful.

  124. Thank you for the information written here. Thanks for the update! I have just started my website but it is going to slowly and I am looking for solutions.

  125. Very good explanation of all the terms.

    I am not getting any up ranking stuck in same position i.e. 3rd. I have applied all the onpage and offpage strategy on my website. Still no upgrades. Still working on it to get 1st position again.

    Thanks for your blog post. It’s really helpful.

  126. I just hope they don’t go back down the “content overload” rabbit hole. Content marketing is a double edged sword. The most people can say oh this is avail on google the less people value the content. People want to dig all the info on google for free so writers are being devalued. The few copywriting gigs I’ve seen barely pay if they even offer commission. The game is going to be either get a sale or go into energy debt trying to create a bunch of content.

  127. Thank you so much for the post it is very helpful, Keep posting such type of articles. I’ve lost my ranking and also traffic please help me your guideline, it would be very grateful.

  128. I read few articles beside your articles and it seems this august update hard hit health niche , I also lost 50% traffic on one of my health blog. fingers crossed now.

  129. the obvious thing I liked after reading the whole topic and analyzing was looking at every single comment was replied and that’s a ranking factor. appreciated a lot man

  130. Hi,

    Thanks for sharing. I always try to follow Google webmaster guidelines and white hat techniques to protect my site from Google penalties. But due to new Google updates, my site’s ranking is declined a little bit but I regain it by following your guide.


  131. I am a blogger and i know what google want, i always follow the google guideline
    In-spite of this, my website ranking has dropped little bit, but i will recover it soon..

  132. I have got problem about this issue for my website, Google algorithm update knowledge is really important for us.

  133. Hello Glen,

    I got a lot of information about algorithm update through your post. If I modified my post according to the questions in People Also Ask, I saw a difference in the ranking.

    The ranking of many of my posts have increased. Some posts have reached the top 30, top 100 and will see an improvement.

    I hope you continue to share with us such important information.

  134. Thank you so much for the post it is very helpful, Keep posting such type of articles. I’ve lost my ranking and also traffic please help me your guideline, it would be very grateful.

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