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Insights from Google’s Leaked Search Documents and What They Mean for SEO

Written by Glen Allsopp | +552 this month
May 29, 2024

As of the last few hours it has came to light that various internal Google documents, which appear to be legitimate, have surfaced.

The “leak” is still live, which I will not link directly to, and came to light via someone who wanted to remain anonymous sharing the data with Sparktoro founder, Rand Fishkin.

I’ve spent the last hour going through the documents trying to find anything interesting, so thought I would share some insights here.

As a disclaimer, it is possible these are not legitimate, are outdated or have no relevance to the Google we use today. Many might only apply to certain aspects of Google (like Google News). As someone who has been practicing and writing about SEO for 17 years, I simply find it fascinating to go through the data.

My perspective is that these are fun and interesting to look at from an SEO perspective, but I wouldn’t be using these to dictate the strategy of your business.

If anything, it’s nice to seemingly get confirmation of a number of ideas which SEOs have been preaching for years.


createdDate and expiredDate


I was specifically interested in the commentary that “if the page has multiple links to the same URL, all of them must be nofollow to set this field.”


This is in reference to Shopping, rather than Google as a whole.


Honestly, I think all of these are pretty interesting.


I’m yet to notice any other categories besides Travel being referenced in this way.


It’s always interesting to see specific sites mentioned, such as AppleInsider in this case.



Credit to Mike King at iPullRank who has some great commentary on this and was instrumental in surfacing the data.

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