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Newsletter Marketing and Link Building Case Studies

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The Best Newsletter I’ve Seen in a Really Long Time

7,900 'Claps' on Medium

Today my friend Jesse shared on Twitter one of the best newsletters I’ve seen in a really long-time. The site barely has 30 words on it yet I signed-up instantly.

While his recommendation no doubt holds a lot of weight to me, I honestly believe I would have signed up just as fast without it.

The site is barely 100 words but their focus is clear: They’ll show you before and after case studies of how some of the world’s biggest websites could look with just a few simple UI changes.

The graphic on the homepage (shown above) really sold me on the concept.

What’s really smart is that their newsletter updates send you straight to Medium, which tends to boost post which pick up external traffic, helping the Refactoring UI developers reach more of the tens of millions of people who find themselves on Medium each month.

Here’s the first article they’ll send you after joining which went viral on Medium.

Not long ago I shared one the best articles I’ve read in a whole – primarily because it broke down concepts in a really smart way – and this almost seems to be the newsletter equivalent of that.

I already know how powerful offering reviews and feedback are (I’ve raised over $2,500 for charity with mine) but I never thought of turning those reviews into documented guides that anyone can follow and learn from.

I didn’t sign-up to the newsletter to become some kind of design god that can charge clients thousands of dollars (I would hate to offer web design as a service) but instead to pick up simple tips to improve my own website.

Is there some angle in here that you could use to offer your own readers?

If you have a running blog, could you analyse people’s running styles on video and recommend changes?

If you’re a top photographer, could you offer critiques of how people could have framed or composed their shots better?

If you’re a great copywriter, could you break down some of the best articles in any niche and show how they could have been ‘tidied up’?

The most popular posts on Detailed tend to be the ones that make me the most excited to replicate them for my own projects, so I hope you have a few sparks firing in your brain over the weekend, because I know I’m going to be taking action with this one.

P.S. We’ve just had our plugin approved by WordPress (after two disapprovals) so I’m happy to say that Gaps will be coming back really soon. Thank you for your patience!

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Collect 10X More Emails and Empower Your Subscribers with a Private Challenge

2,100 Facebook Likes / 149 Referring Domains

No matter what you think of ‘I Will Teach You To Be Rich’ founder Ramit Sethi, there’s no denying that he knows how to create content that get people talking.

I could probably write 10 different Detailed updates from his blog alone, but today I want to focus on an ingenius idea he had for a squeeze page: A challenge for his readers to save $1,000 in the next week.

As you probably know, email subscribers are incredibly valuable to have (that’s why every site asks for your email address) and starting a challenge with your audience is a great opportunity to help grow them.

I have a feeling that Ramit’s challenge is completely automated these days since it’s ‘starting’ in three days yet has been around forever, but that doesn’t take away from the concept. In fact, it probably makes it more enticing as it’s something you can keep running continously.

While the page has picked up a respectable number of links and likes, I’m sure Ramit is more concerned with how many people it brings into his community and how empowering them with such a relevant concept is a sure-fire way to make people stick around.

What’s something you could challenge your audience to achieve in one week or one month?

Lose 10 lbs? Write 10 words per minute quicker? Bench press 30lbs more? Land their dream job interview? Get a raise?

Whatever your answer, instead of turning your advice into a blog post, why not map out a week of email updates that give people concrete, step-by-step tips they can use to make it happen.

If you use an email marketing service like Drip or ConvertKit, you can also automate the entire thing so every week (or month) the challenge ‘starts again’ for a whole new batch of readers.

I really like the idea behind this one so don’t be surprised to see me starting an SEO or content marketing challenge pretty soon 😉

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This One-Paragraph Website Reaches Up to 100,000 People Per Month

100,000 monthly visitors

Not only does valuable, free content get shared, but you can use it to establish your authority in a niche, funnel people towards your premium offerings and use it to entice people to join your email list.

That is exactly what have done with their side-project, Logodust.

Fairpixels uses Logodust to give away open-source logos and reaches up to 100,000 visitors a month.

This simple page has also been shared on Facebook more than 1,300 times.

This traffic is then funneled to two premium products – a “one off” logo service which they charge at least $400 for, and two monthly subscriptions priced $1,450 and $2,175 respectively.

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This Newsletter Generates More than $320,000 Per Month

561,000 subscribers / 600,000 monthly visitors

I recently wrote a very detailed (pun intended) article on newsletters and ‘niche deals’ websites. You can read more about the topic here if you’re interested.

Scott’s Cheap Flights shows that you don’t have to build a blog to share deals. You can do very well ‘just’ running a newsletter.

It shouldn’t be a surprise to you that deals websites can get a lot of traffic, but I really like the angle of honing in on a specific niche.

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An Ingenius Way to Get Inactive Subscribers to Open Your Next Email

Brought in an extra $3,386 in sales

My friend Ryan Kulp recently had a genius idea to possibly ‘bring back’ inactive readers to an eCommerce company he was working with.

Ryan was inspired by the birthday paradox, which states that even if you have just 23 people in a room, there’s a chance that two of them will share the same birthday.

Based on this, Ryan sent out an email wishing all of his inactive users a Happy Birthday!

As he was emailing a huge amount of people (78,000 subscribers), it meant that there was a huge chance many of them really were celebrating their birthday when they received the email.

Because the birthday messages came with a promotion code for their product (Wine), he was able to directly track its impact on over $3,000 in sales.

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The Incredibly Successful Newsletter That Promotes Their ‘Competition’

Hundreds of 'Thank You' tweets every fortnight

There are some companies who have figured out how to provide regular value to their subscribers without having to put in too much effort to create great content.

Their strategy may just surprise you: They send readers the best content their ‘competitors’ have to offer.

When you work so hard to grow your own audience, that might seem like a foolish idea. On the surface, you would be right.

But when you dig a little deeper there are two surprising benefits to this practice:

  • You’re quickly seen as an authority in your niche for having such a grasp of the space
  • You provide a genuine resource that makes people look forward to each update

The ‘Top 10‘ newsletter from SEO software provider, Moz, is a great example of this.

Their bi-weekly newsletter shares the 10 best online marketing articles from around the website.

It’s easy to think they’re crazy to give eyeballs to other websites, but you would be missing a key point: Sharing the best marketing content helps to position Moz as a leader in the niche.

And, of course, people truly enjoy the newsletter.

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