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November '23 Traffic
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1 GAMINGbible faviconGAMINGbible 10M+ Lad Bible Group Media logo 85
2 Gfinity faviconGfinity 1-5M Gfinity logo 82
3 GameSpot faviconGameSpot 10M+ Integrated Media Company (Fandom) logo 82
4 PushSquare faviconPushSquare 5-10M ReedPop logo 81
5 Video Games Chronicle faviconVideo Games Chronicle 1-5M ReedPop logo 80
6 VG247 faviconVG247 10M+ ReedPop logo 79
7 1-5M Gfinity logo 78
8 Gaming Gorilla faviconGaming Gorilla 1-5M Wealthy Gorilla logo 74
9 Kotaku faviconKotaku 10M+ G/O Media logo 73
10 EuroGamer faviconEuroGamer 10M+ ReedPop logo 73
11 GamesRadar faviconGamesRadar 10M+ Future logo 72
12 Fortnite Tracker faviconFortnite Tracker 10M+ Tracker Network logo 72
13 ValorFeed faviconValorFeed 250-500K Early Game Media logo 71
14 Nintendo Life faviconNintendo Life 5-10M ReedPop logo 71
15 RockPaperShotgun faviconRockPaperShotgun 5-10M ReedPop logo 69
16 WePC faviconWePC 1-5M BGFG logo 68
17 250-500K DotGG logo 68
18 App Trigger faviconApp Trigger 500K-1M Minute Media logo 68
19 Arcade Sushi faviconArcade Sushi 0-100K Townsquare Media logo 68
20 PCInvasion faviconPCInvasion 1-5M GAMURS logo 67
21 IGDB faviconIGDB 500K-1M Amazon logo 66
22 VideoGamer faviconVideoGamer 5-10M BGFG logo 66
23 SVG faviconSVG 500K-1M Static Media logo 66
24 TWInfinite faviconTWInfinite 1-5M GAMURS logo 65
25 AttackOfTheFanBoy faviconAttackOfTheFanBoy 100-250K GAMURS logo 65
26 Giant Bomb faviconGiant Bomb 1-5M Integrated Media Company (Fandom) logo 65
27 Smite Fire faviconSmite Fire 500K-1M M.O.B.A logo 65
28 PCGamesN faviconPCGamesN 10M+ Network N Media logo 65
29 PureXbox faviconPureXbox 1-5M ReedPop logo 65
30 Pocket Gamer faviconPocket Gamer 1-5M Steel Media logo 65
31 MobileMatters faviconMobileMatters 1-5M Early Game Media logo 64
32 PCGamer faviconPCGamer 10M+ Future logo 64
33 1-5M ReedPop logo 64
34 TrueAchievements faviconTrueAchievements 5-10M TrueGaming logo 64
35 TheGamer faviconTheGamer 10M+ Valnet logo 64
36 Hardcore Gamer faviconHardcore Gamer 1-5M Valnet logo 64
37 Charlie Intel faviconCharlie Intel 5-10M Dexerto Media logo 63
38 Game Developer faviconGame Developer 1-5M Informa logo 63
39 Wowhead faviconWowhead 10M+ ZAM Network logo 63
40 GamesHub faviconGamesHub 1-5M GamesHub Network logo 62
41 PC Games Insider faviconPC Games Insider 0-100K Steel Media logo 62
42 The Virtual Report faviconThe Virtual Report 0-100K Steel Media logo 62
43 100-250K Steel Media logo 62
44 TrueTrophies faviconTrueTrophies 1-5M TrueGaming logo 62
45 250-500K Steel Media logo 60
46 fanbyte faviconfanbyte 1-5M ZAM Network logo 60
47 Gaming Inbox faviconGaming Inbox 0-100K Inkcre Media logo 59
48 UpComer faviconUpComer 1-5M GAMURS logo 58
49 MMO Champion faviconMMO Champion 1-5M M.O.B.A logo 58
50 EDHREC faviconEDHREC 5-10M Space Cow Media logo 58
51 WhatIfGaming faviconWhatIfGaming 1-5M AnoxMedia logo 57
52 PrimaGames faviconPrimaGames 5-10M GAMURS logo 57
53 GamerJournalist faviconGamerJournalist 1-5M GAMURS logo 57
54 OperationSports faviconOperationSports 1-5M GAMURS logo 57
55 Gaming Scan faviconGaming Scan 250-500K GPU Mag logo 57
56 Moba Fire faviconMoba Fire 5-10M M.O.B.A logo 57
57 Try Hard Guides faviconTry Hard Guides 5-10M Try Hard Guides logo 57
58 PlayStationLifestyle faviconPlayStationLifestyle 500K-1M Evolve Media logo 56
59 Siliconera faviconSiliconera 1-5M GAMURS logo 56
60 n4G faviconn4G 1-5M HAVAmedia logo 55
61 Indie DB faviconIndie DB 500K-1M ReedPop logo 55
62 BlockchainGamerBiz faviconBlockchainGamerBiz 0-100K Steel Media logo 55
63 DualShockers faviconDualShockers 10M+ Valnet logo 55
64 Fortnite Intel faviconFortnite Intel 0-100K Dexerto Media logo 54
65 DBLTAP faviconDBLTAP 500K-1M Minute Media logo 54
66 Pocket Tactics faviconPocket Tactics 10M+ Network N Media logo 54
67 The Loadout faviconThe Loadout 1-5M Network N Media logo 54
68 GameRant faviconGameRant 10M+ Valnet logo 54
69 Road to VR faviconRoad to VR 500K-1M ReedPop logo 53
70 Playstation Galaxy faviconPlaystation Galaxy 0-100K Sirus Media logo 53
71 LeagueTips faviconLeagueTips 100-250K TreasureHunter Media (Can't Reveal URLs) logo 53
72 Gamer Tweak faviconGamer Tweak 5-10M Inkcre Media logo 52
73 Sirus Gaming faviconSirus Gaming 1-5M Sirus Media logo 52
74 Outsider Gaming faviconOutsider Gaming 1-5M TreasureHunter Media (Can't Reveal URLs) logo 52
75 ModDB faviconModDB 5-10M ReedPop logo 51
76 Video Gaming faviconVideo Gaming 0-100K Try Hard Guides logo 51
77 Gamepur faviconGamepur 1-5M GAMURS logo 50
78 GameRevolution faviconGameRevolution 5-10M Evolve Media logo 48
79 Pokémon Database faviconPokémon Database 10M+ Independent logo 47
80 PlayerAssist faviconPlayerAssist 500K-1M Box20 logo 46
81 ProGameGuides faviconProGameGuides 10M+ GAMURS logo 45
82 Destructoid faviconDestructoid 1-5M GAMURS logo 45
83 DoteSports faviconDoteSports 10M+ GAMURS logo 44
84 Game Horizon faviconGame Horizon 0-100K Incomera logo 44
85 MMORPG faviconMMORPG 1-5M M.O.B.A logo 42
86 LevelSkip faviconLevelSkip 1-5M The Arena Group logo 42
87 GameSkinny faviconGameSkinny 1-5M GAMURS logo 40
88 Futbin faviconFutbin 10M+ BetterCollective logo 35
89 GamesAdda faviconGamesAdda 250-500K Inkcre Media logo 35
90 Minecraft Station faviconMinecraft Station 0-100K M.O.B.A logo 35
91 TouchTapPlay faviconTouchTapPlay 500K-1M GAMURS logo 32
92 AppSpy faviconAppSpy Steel Media logo 0


Updated November 7th, 2023

92 Gaming Blogs.
37 Media Companies.
250,000 Google Search Results.

In our most recent analysis of 250,000 English-language search results (August, 2023) we found that content sites owned by "digital goliaths" took 86.1% of #1 rankings (!), even though more independent sites were ranking.

For 7 years we've been documenting how just a handful of companies are behind most of what you see in Google search results. Our analysis is not a complaint, but rather documents the state of organic rankings.

We then turn our insights into quarterly reports sharing actual traffic numbers, acquisitions, revenues these companies are generating and more. Q1 received some incredible feedback.

We proudly document the top blogs in dozens of niches to help people seeking great resources, and include ownership as a point of curiosity.

Listing eligibility is not determined by whether an independent webmaster or media company owns a site, and nor are our research scores.

Our research score, in simple terms, is our measure of how interesting you'll find a site if you're viewing it in the context of running a content site yourself. It is not a measure of the quality of content or the traffic to a site, as the former is impossible in niches we're not experts in, and the latter isn't fair to new websites.

You can learn more about our research scores and listing requirements here, but the idea is that you can go to any of the dozens of categories we cover and find fascinating new websites to get insights from.

Why GAMINGbible is #1

As explained above, our research score is not based on the quality of content a site produces (that's very hard to quantify) but rather how interesting we think it will be for someone who owns a gaming blog.

Outside of our research score, GAMINGbible is fascinating because it's owned by a publicy-listed company and if Similarweb estimates are accurate, generates more than half of the visits to their multi-site network.

Primarily though, GAMINGbible is #1 on this list because it looks so different to the typical gaming blog you'll see.

This page is still in progress. You're here early.

Gaming Blogs Changelog

We pride ourselves on keeping these lists accurate and updated

September, 2023

Added Gaming Inbox from Inkcre Media to the list

Updated the Research Score for Charlie Intel

Removed HistoryNet which had been assigned to the incorrect category

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