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Glen What the Hell is Going On?

As you may know, I’m currently transforming Detailed into a ‘database’ based on this blog post I went live with on Monday.

Organising the categories and individual entries took much more time than I expected so I apologise for that.

Although I’m very happy with how things are starting to look – click on a category at the bottom of an entry and things are finally sortable – I did overlook something.

How do you share an individual entry with someone?

As Michael (thanks Michael!) and a few others pointed out to me, you can no longer share individual entries.

To be honest, I had never considered that you would want to share a database entry, rather than this entire website or at least a category page.

Thinking about it, I realise how hard it would be to tell someone “hey check out this guide that went viral” and then you have to give instructions like “Go to X category, scroll down four items, and then you’ll find it.”

My concern for making individual (linkable) pages for each entry is that the site would be full of hundreds of ‘thin’ pages.

I have come up with a solution, which I’m working on this weekend, so thank you for the patience.

Finally, thanks to @jackalswitch79 for asking how you can tell what’s new in the database. Right now, there are no new entries as I’m just organising what I had already published.

However, I like the idea of highlighting what’s new, so for any posts that were published in the last 48 hours you’ll see a nice little ‘new’ tag above them, just like you should with this update.

Thank you for your patience. I promise I will have a very clean and polished site ready for you soon 🙂

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Why (And How) I Rank One-Page Websites in Google

If you're new to SEO, this is a great way to get started.

Last week I released free training on how I build one-page websites and rank them in Google.

The feedback was incredible, but there was just one problem: A few people had issues with the search volumes shown in the Google Keyword Planner.

Google were giving them very broad numbers, and not the same figures that I was seeing.

I looked into it more, and I’ve just put together a new video which should offer a solution for that.


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