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Updated September 9th, 2023 by Glen Allsopp
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Future Plc are publicly-traded under the ticker $FUTR. Future's revenue was £265.5M for H1 2023 2.65%.

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Updated to show all 89 sites we track for Future September, 2023
Shared their revenue numbers for H1 2023 August, 2023

Future Plc Revenue

Future Plc trade under the ticker $FUTR

Future Plc are publicly-traded under the ticker $FUTR. Future’s revenue was £265.5M for H1 2023.

Future Traffic & SEO

Future regularly comment on AI and SEO

You might not know the name Future Plc (trading $FUTR) but you are likely familiar with some of the bigger online brands like TechRadar, Home & Gardens, PC Gamer, Marie Claire and more.

Future aren’t just a digital publishing company, but they are operating a business which is heavily reliant on search traffic. That’s why it’s especially interesting to me when they’re asked how that search traffic might be impacted by big things happening in the world of SEO.

AI and ChatGTP-like interfaces are the hot topic right now and rightly so: Search is experiencing one of the biggest chances (if not the biggest changes) that I’ve seen in my 15+ years in SEO.

In their May 2021 earnings call, Future CEO Jonathan Steinberg was specifically asked, “And the last question, just on AI. If you think of parts of Future’s business as a journey from Google to Amazon, if ChatGPT-style interfaces change that journey, to what extent do we have to worry about that as a big threat to your traffic?”.

It’s a great question, and it was interesting to see an investor comment on Future as essentially taking people from Google’s search results to finally landing on Amazon through an affiliate link. That’s a huge part of Future’s business model, and a huge revenue source for many digital media companies.

Here was the response. Emphasis my own:

On one hand you have to take these comments through the lens that Future’s CEO is talking to their investors. I don’t think they would ever come out and say they’re incredibly fearful about the future, even if that were the case.

That said, Steinberg does make some good points. Google have been directing people to the final end product to buy something for a long time, and I don’t think AI is going to stop people wanting to do research (by reading reviews from multiple sources online) before making a purchase.

I’ll share my full in-depth thoughts on AI and SEO in a upcoming report. As a quick summary I don’t want you to read too much into (the finished report will have dozens of insights), I think there’s no doubt fewer Google searches will result in people clicking on a website, but the volume is so huge that there will still be a lot of successful businesses banking on the traffic that remains.

Future Network

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