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Written by Glen Allsopp on June 22nd, 2022

I get paid to spend my days reverse-engineering the rankings of the world's top sites and in the process, regularly discover tactics that I've never seen shared before.

(Not because I'm smart, but because I do little else).

Some of my findings, though completely ethical, have literally been blocked not long after I share them in public.

Back in 2016 I wrote an article on a simple Google search query - which programmers had been using for over a decade - and revealed how incredible it was for finding link building opportunities.

It was quickly shared by some of the biggest names in marketing.

Rand from Moz, among many others, shared the update

Just a few months later the search query no longer worked, despite having been in use for over ten years.

A quick tweet to my favourite Googler for an explanation didn't give me a response with much hope.

I like & respect John but this probably isn't coming back ;-)

More recently, another finding stopped working even faster.

I discovered a way to use Google's Custom Search Engine (Google CSE) to find the date Google associate to any URL: A critical insight if you're trying to figure out why certain pages on a website don't rank.

I shared my findings on one of the industries top publications, hoping to help others with their own ranking analysis.

Sharing my findings with Search Engine Journal readers

Within a matter of weeks, the search queries I shared suddenly started returning zero results.

Weeks later, the 'site:' operator ceased to work anymore

I've since discovered an alternative solution, but I'm certainly more careful about what I now share in public.

I accept these incidents could be coincidental or temporary but either way the truth remains: If you're looking for actual SEO secrets, you won't find many people willing to share them.

Here at we share everything we learn.

Completely free, with no strings attached.

I assume you're skeptical so I'll be completely honest when I explain why...

Our company helps 7 and 8-figure businesses grow their search engine traffic. The more "secrets" we share and the more people we help, the more companies enquire about our services.

In thirteen years we've never had a salesperson and likely never will.

Who knew the whole "giving before you get" thing actually worked?

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